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Would you pay someone to play Pokémon Go for you?

Pokémon Go is a game that has taken much of the world by storm in the past two weeks, sending people of all ages scrambling for local landmarks to try and catch their favourite pocket monsters. But what if you can't, or won't and still want to be the ‘be the very best like no one ever was'?

As with every segment of our society, there's a service for it; just take a look at Ebay.

One of the biggest concerns with Pokémon Go before its release, is that it would be pay to win. Fortunately that hasn't turned out to be the case, it is more of a pay-to-speed-things-up, type of game. It doesn't stop you playing with energy bars or any other of that mobile nonsense, but it does take a while to capture Pokémon and paying for items speeds that up for you.

The fastest and easiest way to catch them all though, could be to just pay someone else to do it. A quick look at Ebay sees tens of thousands of items, most of which promise some sort of service related to Pokémon Go.


Battery is getting a little low there, uber-trainer.

Want someone to catch a few Pokémon for you? Not a problem, that'll be £10 please. Can't be bothered to walk the 2/5KM it would take to hatch that egg? That'll be £3 please. Others offer 50+ PokéStop visits to help level your account,

Or you could straight up buy an account. We found one level six account with 17 unique Pokémon going for £25, though admittedly there were no bids at the time of writing. If you really want to be the best without walking a metre though, there's a level 20 account with 95 different Pokémon, 236 in total – all for £220.

While no one has put the money down for that auction, it is garnering more than 300 views per hour, so clearly people are thinking about it.

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KitGuru Says: Not sure I understand the point of paying someone to play the game for you, especially when it's entirely free to just do it yourself. Maybe you guys can explain it to me though?

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