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Sony to adapt some titles to target lazy eye in children

Scientists in Nottingham have been working with i-BiT, a research project who want to target lazy eye with video games and specially created 3D Glasses. Sony have given the project their backing and will adapt some key Playstation 3 titles.

Lazy eye (or amblyopia) is a problem for many keys and the treatment requires children to wear an eye patch over their good eye for many many hours. The treatment often doesn’t work properly as the children don’t want to wear the patch. When faced with video games children respond better however.

The child has to wear a pair of shutter glasses. The good eye is shown static content while the ‘lazy’ eye is shown active media on screen. The way the content is presented, it appears to be a single unifed image, although the lazy eye is given the work to do.

Mr Alex Foss, Consultant Opthalmic surgeon at the Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham and the leader of the project, said: “The current technique of patching up the good eye isn’t very effective, and children also dislike it, which means they are reluctant to comply, further reducing the levels of success.

“However, in cases that have so far been treated using the I-BiT system, a marked improvement has been seen after only a few half-hour sessions.”

Simon Benson, Senior Development Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, commented:

“Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is proud to be involved with helping to develop the I-BiT product with The University of Nottingham. The new PlayStation based solution will actually make it enjoyable for children to undergo treatment.
“We are looking forward to continuing our work with the I-BiT Team and helping them make a product which will help to improve the eyesight of hundreds of thousands of young children in Europe.”

You can read more, over here.

Kitguru says: Seems like an effective treatment.

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