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Valve come under flak for Portal 2 DLC charges

Portal 2 has already been warmly received, with initial reviews highlighting fantastic game play with a stellar updated engine. Sadly, the user community haven't been too enamored with all of the downloadable content available which totals extra charges of over $80.

Gamers generally love downloadable addon's for their games because the charges are low and it extends the life of their favourite titles. Unfortunately Valve have decided to release $80 of content when the title launched and many gamers are wondering why some of this content couldn't make it into the actual game which has just been released.

Early reports have indicated that people have completed the game in under 6 hours and that some of this content would have made the initial purchase more favourable and certainly would have appeased a wider audience. Even the cooperative campaign can be beaten in around 4 hours. There are also claims that the PC version is a port of the console code as PC gamers get presented with ‘please don't turn off your console' when they save.

It appears that an extremely good game with positive launch feelings has been slightly marred by the fact that there seems to be a bit of a ‘cash in' on the content which is actually more expensive than the game.

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