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Microsoft lowers price of Xbox One with Kinect

Although Microsoft Corp. decided not to promote its second-generation Kinect motion sensing accessory last year, it looks like the company wants give it another try. The software giant has slashed the price of its Xbox One with Kinect to $449 in the U.S.

For two weeks, starting Sunday, the 8th of February, through Saturday, the 21st of February, fans will receive $50 off any Xbox One with Kinect in the U.S. at most major national retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Toys R Us and Walmart, as well as Microsoft Stores. Since Xbox One without Kinect costs $349 in the U.S., it is more than logical for the software developer to slash the price of the version with the motion sensing device.

While Microsoft does not provide special discounts on its Xbox One in the U.K., the company’s online store offers various bundles for £349.99 or £399.99 that include free games. There are also bundles from third-party stores that include multiple free titles.


Microsoft Kinect has failed to attract attention of gamers and game developers to the console. As a result, the software company removed it from default Xbox One bundle in mid-2014. As a consequence, very few game designers now plan to take advantage of the Kinect.

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KitGuru Says: The introduction of lower-cost Xbox One with Kinect bundle means that Microsoft continues to make its latest gaming platform more affordable. The strategy should allow the console to catch up with sales of its arch-rival, Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4.

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