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Sales of Sony PlayStation 4 reportedly exceed eight million units

The adoption rate of Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4 video game console continues to set records, if the unofficial information about its sell-through numbers is to be believed. As of mid-May life-to-date sales of the PS4 were eight million units.

Apparently, the PlayStation 4 continues to sell very well seven months after its release. Insiderp web-site claims that as of the 19th of May around eight million of the PS4 consoles had been sold to the end-users. In early April it was officially announced that sales of the PlayStation 4 had exceeded seven million units.

Shipments of the PlayStation 4 have already exceeded sales of the PlayStation 3 during the first year on the market.


It is not a secret that Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4 video game console is generally more popular than its arch-rival, the Xbox One from Microsoft. The PS4 costs less than its main competitor and is more powerful when it comes to graphics processing capabilities. Recently Microsoft announced plans to sell the Xbox One without Kinect motion sensor, something that will lower the price of the console and will make it equal with the PS4. It remains to be seen whether the lower price will help the Xbox One to become generally more popular among gamers.

Sony Computer Entertainment did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: While the eight million number comes from an unofficial source, it seems to be correct. Given the popularity of the PS4, Sony could sell a million of units in several weeks between early April (when it announced that it had shipped seven million PS4s) and mid-May.

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