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Game analyst claims Wii U is ‘two years too late’

Nintendo are banking much of their future revenue on the Wii U launch. Analysts however are already saying that the release of the Wii U is not going to have the impact that Nintendo might expect.

Michael Pachter, a highly respected Gaming financial analyst says that the chances of the Wii U becoming a run away success story are not good. Many are saying that it is two years behind the times.

Pachter said that the Wii U was ‘two years too late’ and there were discussions on the the initial pricing, which put it much higher than the Wii’s original launch price. Pachter also mentioned that he felt the Wii U hardware would not prove to offer greater power than the current competition from Microsoft or Sony which would leave it in a very bad position and lose “a tremendous first-mover advantage”.

Pachter also said that if Nintendo could get the price down that he could be a “phenomenal success”  if Sony and Microsoft were selling future consoles at a much higher cost to the punter. If Nintendo don’t get the pricing right Pachter said it could end up a “phenomenal failure”.

Nintendo have already came under fire for showing game footage at recent events which was actually sourced from the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Obviously, analysts don’t always get their predictions right and it could be that the Wii U will sell by the bucketload, even if the pricing is higher than the Wii was initially at launch. We do like the fact that Nintendo are offering something new with the very cool controller system. Nintendo are also well known for releasing some of the finest games to market, with great gameplay. If they can keep the playability with updated new High Definition graphics, it seems hard to imagine that the Wii U will be a monumental disaster.

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