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AMD suggests Nvidia has sour grapes over next-gen consoles

Nvidia has been quite vocal about its disinterest in the console industry, citing low profit margins as one of the reasons you won’t find any of its hardware in the next-gen Xbox One or PS4 consoles. AMD however, believes this isn’t true and that by bringing its hardware to bear, it can create a much more competitive and profitable industry for console makers and game developers.

“[Nvidia’s] position seems a bit like sour grapes to me,” said AMD PR head Robert Hallock. “The reality, according to industry legends like John Carmack, is that the standardization of console hardware will, in his words, ‘make it cheaper and easier to develop games for multiple platforms.'”

AMD making sweet berry wine with Nvidia’s tears.

In Carmack’s and Hallock’s minds, this means better games for gamers and more time for developers to spend polishing them. “We are very proud to help enable this sort of ecosystem for game developers, and excited that such an ecosystem runs almost unilaterally on our hardware. I can’t imagine why anyone would willingly cede such a favourable situation,” he concluded.

As GamingBolt points out, Nvidia initially turned down working with Sony due to what it suggested was too low a price point for its hardware.

KitGuru Says: Perhaps now that the PS4 has received such hefty praise from the gaming community, especially in comparison with the traditionally AMD filled Microsoft hardware, Nvidia is regretting its decision. What do you guys think?

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