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Nintendo to release official Wii-mote charge pack

Nintendo has announced a new rechargeable pack for its Wii-mote controllers – as if there weren’t enough of those out there already – with a quick-charge function, that should see you gaming for a full hour off just a ten minute charge time.

Currently listed at 4200 Yen (£27.5), the charge packs come with a cradle and battery pack that is designed to last a lot longer than standard AA batteries. The charge time is also vastly reduced, meaning a full hour and a half of charging could get you as much as 13 hours play time.


Standalone battery packs cost 2,625 yen (£17) should you wish to have more than one -which you’re quite likely to do, as playing a Wii by yourself is sad.

Unfortunately none of this has been released outside of Japan as of yet, but expect it to soon. While Nintendo is having a hard time with its Wii U console at the moment, it’s likely to continue bolstering Wii accessories, as the controllers can be used on the new system as well. Having one of both, would be the Nintendo ideal right now.

KitGuru Says: So we’re about eight months in to the Wii U release. How many of you have one at this point? Anybody?

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