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PlayStation executive says exclusives don’t help anyone

It certainly seems like Sony is taking its pro-developer stance seriously, as one of the PlayStation division's executives has come out and said quite brazenly, that he doesn't believe console exclusives are good for anything but bragging rights and what really helps developers, is cross platform sales.

Remember when another company claimed to be all about developers?

It is of course true that it's rare to find someone who is willing to spend hundreds of pounds on a console just for one particular game – even if it isn't unheard of – and if the sales of GTA V have told us anything, it's that with tens of millions of PS3s and Xbox 360s out there, catering to just one or the other massively limits your customer base. But it's certainly interesting to hear that sort of sentiment come from one of those very separate camps. 

The man behind the statement is Adam Boyes, current VP of publishing and developer relations at Sony Computer Entertainment, who said during a keynote speech (via Gamasutra) that: “Right now exclusives are just a way for [console makers] to brag louder. Nobody gains from exclusivity in perpetuity.”

When this is one of your console's highest rated games of the year and it's an exclusive, this statement is a little hard to swallow
This is somewhat counter to Sony's traditional strategy, which has it already owning a large number of first party developers, which consistently produce exclusives for the PS3, or at the least, come out on it first before going elsewhere. Perhaps this is a sign that that won't be the case with the PS4? Like Sega before it, will we see Sony producing games that end up on a rival's hardware?

Ultimately Boyes said, he and Sony wanted “developers to be successful.”

KitGuru Says: This is obviously an effort to come across as Good Guy Sony, but will it play out? 

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  1. I’m surprised these exclusivity deals are even legal to be honest, it seems as though they never benefit the consumer and are entirely anti-competative.