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PS4 controller may work on PC

We're a couple days late to the party on this one, but guys, it looks quite likely that Sony's upcoming Dual Shock 4 controllers for the PlayStation 4, could be compatible with Windows, potentially letting you use the touchpad as a mouse – making this a very attractive proposition for Big Picture gamers.

This rumour first surfaced following on from PAX, where the Galak-Z developers 17-Bit, suggested that the PS4's controllers worked natively on Windows 7, with the OS picking it up as a generic “Wireless Controller” over Bluetooth. This was further confirmed by another Redditor who was able to test his pre-release DS4 controller out with a PC, finding it worked well with a total of 11 buttons detected.

He also released a video of it in action, but has since set the video to private.

The DS4 in action on a PC, purportedly

The only caveat to this whole deal is whether this is simply because pre-release dev kits and controllers were designed to offer more of a hook up with the PC, in order to facilitate game development. This may still be the case, so take this rumour with a pinch of salt, but the possibilities are exciting.

Potentially this would make the DS4 a very attractive controller for PC gamers, thanks to its built in motion controller abilities and touchpad, making it more of an all in one that Microsoft's offering.

KitGuru Says: Would you guys consider buying a DS4 without the PS4 if this turns out to be true?

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