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PS4 sales predictions at a million a month

If you thought that Sony was off to a good start because it has already sold over two million of its PlayStation 4s, apparently you ‘aint seen nothing yet. According to analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities, the PS4 is going to continue selling at a rate of around a million units a month, with over four million sold by the end of January next year.

In terms of where those consoles would be sold though, he believed that trend of distribution would continue as it has been, with more going to North America than anywhere else. “We expect the 55 percent allocation to North America to continue through January, and then revert to a more normalized 40 percent of units once Sony launches in Japan and other countries,” he said. “We think that Microsoft is on a similar production schedule, with similar allocations to North America.”

It’s those headphones man, that’s what’s selling it

No fan of Sony though, Pachter also made sarcastic comments on his Twitter account about the PS4 launch numbers, saying: “1 million PS4 sell thru in 24 hrs not surprising; they announced >1 million preorders months ago. Expect Microsoft to announce 1.01 mil ;-)”

If Pachter’s sales predictions turn out to be true, it would give Microsoft some very stiff competition, especially since it seems to be behind on the numbers by a fraction at the moment. However, it did do better than the PS4 on Black Friday, with roughly double the number of sales when compared to the PS4, so don’t count anyone out just yet. This fight is just getting started.

KitGuru Says: The numbers don’t really matter to the gamers though. What does matter is how the consoles play. Has anyone tried either of the new systems yet? If so what did you think? 

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  1. Xbox1 did better than PS4 on Black Friday coz retailers had more Xbox1 to sell than PS4, on my local walmart from one of the workers there they said they only had 8units of PS4’s while they had 25 of Xbox1’s.

    One of my co-workers tried to get PS4 but once the announcement was made that there was only 8 units of PS4 available and there was already 10 people in the line he left right away. Apparently I was lucky enough to get the the last (literally) unit of PS4 on my local gamestop on launch night. good thing my local gamestop were nice enough to have people checked out by 6pm and they can leave and come back at midnight to pickup the PS4’s so that we didn’t have to line up and wait in the cold.