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PS4 teaser shows blurry console, coming at E3

The PS4, as we all expected, will be making its big debut at E3 this year. Microsoft is of course jumping the gun and getting in its next-Xbox unveiling tomorrow, so just to remind you that Sony is waiting in the wings, it’s released a teaser video that shows blurry PS4 hardware.

If you want to view it before reading the breakdown, here it is:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G81sIEnVbA’]

So what can we see from this? The PS4 is black. It’s got a lot of angular lines, looking, from the few close ups we’ve seen, a bit similar to a PC case. There’s vents and grills and some dotted styling that could be some sort of foot grip for stability. It’s very hard to tell though from the short video.

KitGuru Says: What details can you guys make out from what’s there?

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