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Sony to limit launch day PS4 pre-orders

Sony has announced that it is going to have to cut back on pre-order promises to supply its next-generation console on launch day, as apparently the numbers are just getting too lofty to deal with. However, that doesn’t mean pre-orders made today, or tomorrow won’t be fulfilled as you might think. Anyone ordering one up until 5th August will be guaranteed their console will arrive on launch day.

But anyone doing so after that day, can expect a short delay, but as demand is expected to be vastly higher than supply – at least initially – Sony is said to be putting a limiter on expectations.


Of course limited hardware at the launch of a new generation is nothing particularly new, even for Sony. The PS2 was famously hard to get hold of initially and the Xbox 360 likewise was hard to find for a few weeks after its debut, so no doubt as before, at the launch, expect a lot of very high priced PlayStation 4s to show up on ebay.

Some people have pointed out however, that this could be a marketing tactic by Sony, since creating an artificial shortage – in the minds of consumers, not necessarily in the manufacturing – might increase demand, but it seems like this would be an unnecessary step for such a hyped new console.

KitGuru Says: Go on then people, how many of you have one of these pre-ordered? Did any of you pre-order the Xbox One?

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