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The Xbox One CPU just got 150MHz faster

It was only a few weeks ago that we reported on how the Xbox One GPU had been given a 53MHz speed boost, when it was found that the next-gen machine's thermal profile could handle it, so today must be Christmas (or my birthday… really) because today we're bringing more news of performance increases. This time around though, it's the CPU, bumping up from 1.6GHz to a more respectable 1.75GHz.

Announced by Xbox chief marketing officer Yusef Mehdi, at the Citi Global Technology Conference , who spent most of his time time talking up the new console and suggesting that the increase in raw clock speed, would really help the console “shine” when compared to its competitors.

Wired's photo shows us just how Microsoft achieved that extra clock: a much improved thermal design over the 360.

The interesting part of this however, is that Microsoft has chosen to break away with what many consider to be the sweet spot for the AMD Jaguar chip it's using. Sony, with its PlayStation 4 console has opted for 1.6GHz with its version of the chip, so perhaps Microsoft has better cooling than Sony when it comes to the CPU? However it could also be an attempt to take the central processing performance crown, since Sony's console has a peak performance edge with the GPU.

Of course anyone that's spent time overclocking, will know that a 150MHz difference isn't going to blow you away, but it's nice to have and as long as this doesn't make it harder for Microsoft to produce the chips necessary, then it will be a plus point.

KitGuru Says: I say bring back Blast Processing. Go all out. Buy the rights to the name from Sega and go to town. Older gamers will love it.

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