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Could the Xbox One outsell the PS4? One retailer says so

Recently we've been hearing a lot about the PS4. Whether it be about possible stock shortages or Chinese students building the console at Foxconn, we're usually talking about the PS4 but today one retailer is expressing it's belief that the Xbox One will outsell the Sony console this Christmas.

Johnathan Marsh, Head Technology buyer for the department store chain John Lewis, has come out and told us why he thinks Microsoft has the advantage:

“We are expecting more interest in the Xbox One,” Marsh said. “We are stocking both the PS4 and the Xbox One but if we were to back one, we are thinking that Xbox One will appeal a bit more to our customers in terms of the experience it creates.”

Marsh has also said he believes the launch lineup of software and the Xbox Live service will draw more customers in based on past experience. He is not the first person to think the Xbox One will come out on top though, an analyst earlier this year said he thought the console would outsell the PS4 at a 3:1 ratio.


In a recent poll 64 per cent of people who took it weren't interested in getting a next gen system this holiday, 26 per cent opted for the Playstation 4 while just 15 per cent were backing Microsoft's console. I'd like to point out that polls don't always mean much because usually only a small amount of people participate, so while this doesn't really give us any concrete sales numbers, but it does give a rough idea of what general everyday buyers are leaning towards right now.

KitGuru Says: The next generation isn't that far away now. Are you rooting for one or the other – or neither? Most PC gamers are happy with their rigs but many still like to have a console laying around for occasional use and for those exclusives that we don't get.

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  1. PC!! I think the last time I bought a console and any games for one was probably about 14 years ago. Once I started gaming a lot on a PC there was no going back for me =)

  2. Neither i prefer save my money for finish my pc build but maybe in 1-2 year when price drop enough for meh.

  3. The only reason why Xbox one would outsell PS4 is because they have pulled out the stock units of Xbox one from other countries and they are probably gonna put those units in the US market instead, if PS4 were to do that they would have more than 1million units in the US as well but they chose not to.