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Microsoft is still claiming that Kinect is not dead

It looks like Microsoft is still in denial when it comes to Kinect, once again reaffirming that the Xbox peripheral is not dead and even going as far as to say that there are games in the works that make use of the device, although none of them made their debut at E3.

At Microsoft’s E3 this year, Kinect was not mentioned once, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, after all, the peripheral never really took off with the serious gaming crowd. However, apparently Microsoft’s voice and movement controlled peripheral is not dead in the water.


Speaking with Gamespot at E3 last week, Xbox executive, Aaron Greenberg said: “we are absolutely continuing to support Kinect”. He also said that Microsoft is still trying to “innovate” with the device although in a different way compared to past tactics.

Now Microsoft is only supporting Kinect “where it makes sense”, which is probably the best tactic as it has become obvious that the core gamers are never really going to be interested in the device at this point.

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KitGuru Says: Microsoft spend a ton of money developing the Kinect so I get why it doesn’t want to abandon the peripheral completely. It may still work well for more causal games, which it seems Microsoft is going for now, having stopped trying to force Kinect functionality in to core titles. 

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