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New Xbox One bundle comes with 1TB SSHD and Elite controller

If you were looking in to getting an Xbox One this year, then Microsoft's latest bundle might be worth looking in to. It's called the Elite bundle and as you would expect, that means it comes with Microsoft's highly customisable Elite controller, but it also throws out the standard 500GB hard drive in favour of a much more reasonable 1TB hybrid-drive.

The hybrid drive will store frequently used files on the solid state part of the drive. The whole SSD partition is only around 8GB in size so you won't be storing much on there but if anything, it could help with cold boot times and possibly loading up frequent apps. The main selling point here is the extra space, as 500GB on the normal Xbox One is severely limiting.

elite bundle

The console itself looks exactly the same, with the same half glossy, half vent top and the slot loading drive on the front. However, Microsoft has also thrown in the Elite Controller, which costs $150/£119.99 brand new. The controller itself uses stainless steel accents, rather than plastic. It also comes with several additional features, like swappable thumb sticks and D-pad, trigger hair locks and additional buttons on the back.

The whole bundle comes in at $499 in the US and will be available on the 3rd of November. Unfortunately, Microsoft's Xbox Wire announcement does not make any mention of UK or EU pricing and availability.

KitGuru Says: That's not a bad bundle all things considered. Though I can't help but think that a larger drive should have been included with the Xbox One on day one. I'm pretty much always running out of space and I have several friends who face the same problem. Are any of you thinking about getting an Xbox One this year? Halo 5 is right around the corner after all…

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