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Nintendo Switch launches March 3rd for £280, first games announced

Back when Nintendo officially announced the Switch we were still left with quite a few questions, we had no idea when the console was releasing, what games would be available at launch or even how much the console would cost. However, all has been revealed today as part of Nintendo’s Switch presentation, giving us the console’s £279.99 price tag, 3rd of March release date and a pretty big list of launch titles.

The Nintendo Switch comes bundled with the main console itself, the dock, a HDMI cable, an AC adaptor, two Joy-Con controllers and a Joy-Con grip. Joy-Cons are the two little controllers that slide on to the sides of the Switch and the grip lets you attach them both together to form a larger, more typical gamepad.


The Nintendo Switch will be available worldwide from the 3rd of March and while there will presumably be stock in stores, you will also be able to order from the official Nintendo Store. Those of you looking to play the Switch primarily in handheld mode can look forward to up to six hours of battery life, though that will depend on what software you are running. For instance, you would only get around 3 hours of game time while running Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The battery will be charged via USB Type-C.

Nintendo is looking to take its online multiplayer more seriously this time around so it will be launching a paid service of its own similar to PSN or Xbox Live. However, local co-op modes will still be playable without this, either in split screen mode on one Switch or by connecting up to eight Switch consoles for a LAN style session.

As for games, the Switch will be getting Splatoon 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Dragon Quest X/XI, Fire Emblem Warriors, Project Octopath Traveler, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, FIFA and Zelda: Breath of the Wild this year. However, presumably we will also be getting Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and NBA 2K at some point in the future. At this point, the Switch is also rumoured to be getting its own Pokemon game as well, so there is more to come over the course of the year.

KitGuru Says: Jon is heading to London this morning to try out the Switch for himself so he will be able to report back on how well the games play and answer a few other burning questions we have about the console. I must admit, I am quite impressed by the initial batch of games though the Switch’s price tag is a little higher than we were previously led to believe, which could hurt it in the long run. What do you guys think of the Nintendo Switch? Will you be picking one up at some point?

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