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Project Scorpio rumoured to finally kill off the Xbox power brick, 4K/60fps game capture possible

Microsoft is currently gearing up to unveil Project Scorpio at E3 this year but thanks to some leaks, we have a bit of an idea of what to expect beforehand. Earlier this year we got some additional details on the hardware capabilities of the console but this week, some sources have added some new features to the list. Firstly, the giant Xbox power brick is finally going away and will be replaced by an internal power supply, but it also looks like Scorpio will be capable of 4K/60fps DVR capture.

According to sources speaking with Windows Central, Microsoft’s new Project Scorpio will feature a new design, incorporating the system’s power supply inside of the chassis just as Sony did with the PS4. With that in mind, it is possible a new cooling solution will be put into place, moving away from the large top-down fan currently found on the Xbox One.

The next little tidbit ties into Microsoft’s claims of delivering a true 4K console. Scorpio is all about taking advantage of higher Ultra-HD resolutions, so the console will also feature HEVC and VP9 codecs for decoding 4K streams but will also be capable of HEVC encoding for 4K video capture at 60 frames per second.

This will all be handled through the Xbox DVR feature as it exists today. Perhaps Microsoft will also allow users to stream 4K gameplay to Beam, the livestreaming service the company acquired last year. In all, 4K capture would be a huge upgrade over the current Xbox One, which is limited to 720p/30fps capture.

KitGuru Says: Project Scorpio is shaping up to be a very interesting console but Microsoft is going to need to do a good job of convincing us that this really is a true 4K box when it comes round to the final unveiling. 

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  • Rocky40

    Yes looks like it is shaping up nicely. It seems almost like it is close to a next gen console but not quite. I think they are trying to confuse people mind you by saying things like 4K/60FPS DVR capture. I say this because most people will only see the 4K 60FPS part in their minds and get that stuck there and of coarse when it does not render at 4K 60FPS they are gonna be the first people to scream but you guys stated it would. We all know what MS means here but there are people that will see it out of focus so to speak.

  • Eddie Battikha

    Pretty obvious to me that 1st Party Exclusives will be 4k Native 30 fps and that 3rd party games will use a checkboard rendering technique. Scorpio is Powerfull, but not quite Next Gen because of its small 4gb ram upgrade. I can’t wait to find out what the CPU is, I would guess a low power Ryzen.

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  • In Belfast

    Didn’t the power brick disappear with the One-S already?

  • Reaper

    The rumour is that its the same CPU, with better GPU and RAM. Don’t forget the CPU in Xbox one is better than the PS4 already, it just had worse RAM and GPU.

  • Eddie Battikha

    Y would u think they’ll use the same CPU?


  • Eddie Battikha


  • Reaper

    Though digital foundry had gone over a leaked document that said it was the same cpu? although thinking back, maybe it said similar speed cpu.

  • Reaper

    I’m more than happy to be wrong, already registered my interest for pre order. Can’t wait, been killing me not buying XB1S and having my day one XB1 hooked up to my 55″ 4K HDR TV! Definitely 1st world problems, but the pain is real 😂

  • Eddie Battikha

    For sure they’ll use an underclocked Ryzen, PS5 in Fall 2018 or 2019 will be a true 4K Gaming Console. Scorpio is powerfull but the 4gb upgrade and the type of ram it’ll be is not Next Gen at all.

  • Reaper

    Nobody has said it’ll be next gen, it’s Microsofts version of the PS4 pro. Once Sony announce PS5 expect MS to fire the big guns, they won’t want any mistakes like this gen.

  • Eddie Battikha

    Sony and Microsoft will keep going back and forth with Beastly Consoles. It’s all about games though. Xbox doesn’t have that many First Party Exclusives compared to Playstation, it’ll always be like that until Microsoft announces that their opening 4 or 5 New First Party Studios.

  • Reaper

    There’ll be some announcements along those lines at E3, I have faith in Phil Spencer he genuinely seems like he wants to make the best gaming platform, that doesn’t mea MS will allow him to but his heaet is definitely in the right place. Gears and Halo are still the best exclusive fps/3rd person shooters, Forza Horizon 3 was the best exclusive racing game. I suppose it depends on what games you like? I’ll be borrowing my mates PS4 to play Horizon and Last of us 2 though.

  • Eddie Battikha

    Horizon looks and plays awesome on my PS4 Pro and LGB6, I’m really looking forward to God of War 4, Days Gone, Detroit Become Human, The Last Of Us 2 and man does Spider Man look awesome. The point is that the future for us gamers looks awesome.