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Sony is investigating PS4 issues

Poor PS4, the console barely has its foot out the door and we're already hearing reports of problems with it. The reports started with Kotaku's PS4 review, where it was noted that the first PS4 received didn't work. However, the publication had tried several other working PS4's.

It gets worse though. A competition winner who was given a Playstation 4 – and goes by the Reddit username ‘Arogon‘ – reported that his prize was dead on arrival. He told IGN that the console would start up but it wouldn't output a signal to the TV and instead of a white light to indicate that the Playstation was on, he was left with a pulsing blue light. He won't be getting a working PS4 before launch day.

It's okay though because, apparently Sony is on the case and believes that these are isolated issues rather than a wide spread problem:

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 15.32.44
I hope you could sense my sarcasm- of course I don't think it's okay that this is happening. 

It would be a bad look for Sony if after all of the digging at Microsoft over the last few months, the Playstation 4 ended up releasing with a slew of problems. Sony still has until midnight to make a patch or investigate the possibility of a wider problem.

Kitguru Says: A couple of PS4 reviews have come out in the last day or so but if you're on the fence about buying one, I would wait until you see some real reviews coming from users who have spent more than a day or two with the console before making your judgement. Maybe Yoshida is right and these are isolated incidents and hopefully they are, for Sony's sake. 

Sources: Polygon, IGN, Twitter

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