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An unknown Bethesda game is arriving this year

Bethesda has quite a busy end to the year with numerous sequels, expansions and even a port on the way. Perhaps the most intriguing of the lot, however, is an unnamed project that the company has yet to tell anyone about.

The last four months of 2017 are certainly crammed for the company’s roadmap. First up is Dishonored: Death of the Outsider with the standalone expansion set to arrive on September 15th followed by sequels The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein 2 due out October 13th and 27th respectively.

Other things that we know are coming this year but are yet to have the release date confirmed are Skyrim’s Switch and VR treatment, Quake Champions which is currently purchasable on Steam but will be free-to-play upon full release, as well as further updates for MMO Elder Scrolls Online and collectible card game, The Elder Scrolls: Legends free-to-play.

Bethesda executive Pete Hines puts the icing on the cake during PAX West, stating in an interview with Tek Syndicate that “We even have a game coming out this year that we haven't even told anyone about yet. They can wait, it won't be so long.”

Hines remains hush about the details, but he did offer confirmation that it is not The Elder Scrolls VI as “there are two other major titles for that studio to make first and so nobodies working on TES VI right now.”

As Hines says, it won’t be a long wait with just 4 months left in the year.

KitGuru Says: This new title isn’t likely to be huge given Bethesda’s quiet treatment of the title, with my guess being a new IP or a spin-off of sorts. What would you like to see from a new Bethesda game? Which announced title are you looking forward to the most?

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  1. I want to see a Game of Thrones game, but that rumor was put to sleep, maybe? 😛

  2. Probably some cruddy mobile games work something
    That on something like a card game

  3. “I’m going to let the studio try things.” This is the way a publisher should be towards a studio. Too often they interfere. Studios sometimes make mistakes, but often publisher interference creates bigger mistakes as they don’t have the developers know their own vision better.