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Battlefield V’s reveal date has been leaked through an intricate Battlefield 1 Easter Egg

The folks over at DICE seem to love sending players on a good Easter Egg hunt, with Battlefield 1’s latest discovery leading to the supposed reveal date of this year’s Battlefield V. Rumoured to step back into World War II, the next iteration will “take inspiration from DICE's core DNA,” while possibly retaining Battlefield 1’s multipronged narrative.

Battlefield V’s reveal date was uncovered through a combined effort between the game’s subreddit and Battlefield 1’s Easter Egg Discord, opening a door on the Fort de Vaux map that has remained sealed for over a year.

Identified with the word “Isolement” above the door, the latest patch ushered in a coded way to open it, by pressing buttons hidden behind posters littered throughout the map. Players noted that each button protrudes through a specific letter, discovering that pressing them in order to spell out Isolement finally forces the door open.

At first glance, it looks like an empty cell with an unfinished painting of a white horse, a mysterious hole that just about fits a grenade and pipes that can be interacted with via seemingly stuck valves. One keen eared player in the Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Discord noted that there were rhythmic drips coming from the pipes that, in fact, translated into Morse Code.

YouTuber Westie shows how to unlock the door step by step.

This sent people to a rather bare website through the web address ‘ea.com/neverbethesame’. The landing page itself doesn’t show much aside from the prominently displayed date of May 23rd, a Battlefield hashtag and the relevant social media share buttons. Interestingly, diving into the Javascript reveals a countdown towards May 28th.

Currently, it is believed that Battlefield V will see an official unveiling on May 23rd along with a teaser, while May 28th is likely to see a full trailer drop for the anticipated title.

Elsewhere, during a call with investors, EA CEO Andrew Wilson revealed that the next title will be “building on the success of Battlefield 1 and taking inspiration from DICE’s core DNA,” with a focus on environmental interaction and compelling single-player stories. This suggests that DICE will be returning to the feel of older iterations while keeping some of the latest innovations, particularly in the way of multiple stories.

KitGuru Says: It’s good to know that despite rumours of Battlefield V possibly housing a battle royale mode, it won’t forgo its single player elements to do so. What are you wanting to see in this year’s Battlefield game?

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