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DICE reportedly returning to WW2 setting in Battlefield V

DICE was initially tipped to be working on Bad Company 3, the anticipated sequel to the highly regarded Bad Company series. To much disappointment, this has since been debunked, however the developers are instead set to return to the more familiar setting of World War II instead.

Set to release later this year, DICE’s next venture in its famed shooter series has carried the title of Battlefield 2 throughout its development. This is suspected to echo Battlefield 1 in that the numerical portion of the title related to the World War the game takes place during.

According to a report by VentureBeat, this title has since been renamed to Battlefield V which simultaneously doubles up as the roman numeral for 5 and symbolising the famous V for Victory. Readers might know this symbol via the iconic image of Winston Churchill throwing up a ‘peace’ sign, and sometimes the more insulting reverse, on numerous occasions throughout the war.

Winston Churchill's V for Victory

A return to World War 2 contrasts the Vietnam setting many had originally hoped for with reports of the team revisiting the Bad Company franchise, but this is hardly a surprising move considering last year’s shooters were incredibly successful.

Call of Duty: WWII’s revival of the historical setting resulted in sales that eclipsed that of previous entries, marking a return to form for the series. The same can be said for Battlefield 1, which acted as a testing ground for EA before fully embracing the historical settings. Currently, it is unknown if DICE will continue its trend of “alternate history” to take liberties with its accuracy like it did with Battlefield 1, but if it does then the likelihood is that it will be kept to a minimum in favour of immersion.

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KitGuru Says: Unfortunately for those still waiting for Bad Company 3, the idea had existed at some point but is not confirmed to be in development. For now, World War II will still be a refreshing setting instead of the crowded modern and futuristic entries. Are you excited for the supposed return of World War II?

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