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Beat Saber takes the title of highest rated game on Steam

In its run up to release, Beat Saber took social media by storm with many intrigued by its simple premise, combining the best of rhythm games with Star Wars-like lightsabers. Just three days after its released, it has impressed players enough to earn itself the title of ‘highest rated game on Steam’, VR or otherwise.

Beat Saber released into Early Access on May 1st, housing just 10 songs and four difficulty modes. Despite its early stages of development, it has managed to dethrone Valve’s Portal 2, which has been highly regarded since its 2011 launch. At the time of writing, Beat Saber currently holds a rating of ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’, with 99% of its 1250 reviews blessing it with a positive score.

The aim of the game is to coordinate the colours of the sabers, slicing the corresponding blocks that fly towards the player within the beat of the current song. To complicate matters, players will have to sidestep left and right, as well as forgo specific notes, earning score streaks for unbroken chains.

In particular, players praised the mechanics, songs and ability to give the player a good workout on higher difficulties, with the criticisms surrounding its current lack of content. Developer Hyperbolic Magnetism will be adding to this in time, however, meaning it is certainly one to watch.

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KitGuru Says: Beat Saber’s meteoric rise reminds me of Guitar Hero’s popularity when that originally released. This along with bolstering VR’s current line-up is sure to make the title a must-have for many. Have you been playing Beat Saber?

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