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Bethesda’s Creation Club content is auto-downloading for Fallout 4 owners

The controversy behind paid mods seems to be far from over, with Bethesda bringing back the scheme with its Creation Club. The problem doesn’t stop at a variety of mods costing money, however, as many have reported mod files being downloaded from the scheme without the user’s knowledge.

As the Creation Club builds up its library, Bethesda still faces the scrutiny of not reinforcing its statement that previously free mods would not be eligible to join the paid selection. This is no longer the only problem the publisher is faced with, as users have experienced mods auto-downloading along with a bug-fixing patch.

Rightly, people are annoyed that their bandwidth and storage is being used without consent and even more so for mods which are blocked by a paywall. “You just used MY bandwidth, and MY system and storage for something you are trying to SELL me. All without asking/telling me,” BlueBeer states on the Fallout forums.

I doubt that Bethesda intended this to happen, but whatever the case, the company has issued a statement to reassure fans that it is exploring options to rectify this problem so that it doesn’t recur with each patch to the Creation Club.

“We’re working on solutions that would not require Creation Club archives be part of the game’s patch,” community manager Cartogriffi says. “We are certainly listening to everything people are saying, and appreciate the constructive feedback, both positive and negative.”

On top of this, players are also reporting compatibility issues with the paid Pip-Boy paint jobs and free mods, causing problems to the point that some games are unplayable. This is contrary to Bethesda’s previous statement that compatibility was to be a primary function of the Creation Club, leaving the system lambasted once again.

KitGuru Says: The idea of paid mods is one that most can get behind as who wouldn’t want to reward the hard work of your favourite mod creators. Unfortunately this is still so far from a reality, with consumers suffering in the process. Have you bought into any of the paid mods? What has your experience been like?

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