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Breath of the Wild’s second DLC, The Champions’ Ballad, has landed

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s second DLC has been pegged for a December release since July, however Nintendo has kept hush about exactly when players can get their hands on it. That was until it appeared during last night’s The Game Awards 2017, in which the company announced the surprise release that it would be made available today, the 8th December.

The Champions’ Ballad DLC has already been revealed as a story addition to the main game, centring around the four Champions that died in battle 100 years prior to Link’s awakening (pun intended), as well as Zelda herself.

Alongside its story elements, we’ve known that it was set to come with new outfits, such as Wind Waker’s classic blue lobster shirt. It turns out Twilight Princess’ Zant will be lending his armour for the DLC too.

The trailer also showcases a “one-hit obliterator” that looks like an oddly shaped tuning fork. What this does is trade all but a quarter of Link’s hearts to grant it the power to kill any monster in one hit. This isn’t the only trade off you will have to deal with, as the obliterator only has a limited number of charges before it loses the power to kill in a single hit, forcing the player to back off and wait a little, or risk switching to another weapon while at such low health.

These new quests are only available for season pass holders, and will activate for the player once all respective Divine Beasts are completed, prompting a voice from Zelda to call Link back to the Shrine of Resurrection, where it all began.

If you manage to complete all of the quests, Link will be granted something akin to “his own Divine Beast” in the form of an ancient motorcycle. This is intended to help Link traverse the large landmass with ease on his quest to, presumably, find the remaining Korok seeds as most content will likely be completed by this point. That is unless Nintendo plans to give us a second season pass worth of content.

KitGuru Says: Here’s hoping Breath of the Wild does receive some more content after The Champions’ Ballad, as Nintendo is known for long development times on the series. Of course, as we’ve witnessed, it does pay off in grand ways. Will you be jumping back into Breath of the Wild?

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