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Bungie has an interesting fix for Destiny 2’s Prometheus Lens before nerf next week

Earlier this week, Destiny 2’s The Curse of Osiris DLC landed and with it came the most overpowered weapon the series has ever had. It seems Bungie has a temporary ‘fix’, if you could call it that, by selling the Prometheus Lens to everyone.

The Prometheus Lens came in crashing the regular trade-offs of ordinary weapons, not giving up power for accuracy or range. Instead, it retained power, accuracy, range, ammo count and had a special ability to refill ammo upon successful kills, and you can be sure that it regularly gets successful kills.

Destiny 2’s community manager, David ‘Deej’ Dague cropped this up to a bug that the team is addressing, with a planning fix coming next week. In the meantime, however, it is attempting to balance the playing field by placing the Prometheus Lens in Xur’s array of wares.

Of course, Xur is only available on weekends, so you better not spend anything if you want a chance at fighting fire with fire, or in this case beam with beam. It’s uncertain just how much of a nerf the gun is due in for next week, but in the meantime you will at least be able to have some fun in the mania.

KitGuru Says: While revenge for all of the times you’ve been killed by a flailing beam from across the map sounds sweet, here’s hoping Destiny 2 is fixed soon. It sounds like it’d be fun jumping into the chaos but would get old quickly due to the loss of its competitive edge. Will you be buying a Prometheus Lens on the weekend?

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