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Valve launches its new Steam Curator Connect platform on the down-low

Back in October, Valve revealed its plans to let developers send their games directly to Steam Curators. Dubbed Steam's Curator Connect, the process has been in beta for the past few weeks before Valve surprisingly released the platform today.

As the backend is only available for Steam developers to view, this information was verified by Kotaku UK, in which it states two independent sources confirmed they had access to the new Curator Connect functionality.

While this update is intended to numb the impact of key flippers, it offers quite a lot under the hood. Developers will be able to filter Curators based on the type of gameplay they usually deal with, helped by Steam’s tag system, as well as the data of how well curators tend to reach. Of course, key reselling is still a main aspect of Curator Connect, which also allows developers to send keys directly through Steam to a curator’s account alongside accompanying information.

Curators, on the other hand, can now embed videos, collect reviews into separate groups that will identify what type of review users want to read, personalise their page and access back-end information on how well their recommendations are doing based on their redirection.

“I believe it will help a lot because it makes it easier to possibly reach more users directly on Steam. The only thing I'm missing so far or can not see in the system, is a way for the curators to contact us developers (for feedback for example),” states Kotaku UK’s anonymous source. “It's pretty much a one way street where you send out your keys with a message and then hope. I can see if a request gets accepted and if a review has been written, but that's it.”

Us users will be able to start seeing a difference based on the Steam Store’s wider selection of recommendations that includes curators that might suit the user’s tastes. Why is this important? Well, it helps the little guys and girls get some attention where they are often buried by triple-A products.

KitGuru Says: Valve is working hard to make life easier for all walks of life, as it’s not just the customers that make it the multi-billion-dollar company it is today. Do you like the sound of Steam’s new Curator Connect platform?

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