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Valve will soon let developers send games directly to Steam Curators

Valve has been working on making big changes to Steam throughout 2017, with the goal of squashing asset flippers, making recommendations more useful and giving more options to curators. Yesterday, the company announced another big change making its way down the pipeline, allowing developers to send Steam games directly to curators for review purposes.

There are several upsides to developers being able to send games to curators directly through Steam. For starters, it will stop developers and publishers from being caught out by scammers. There are people out there who create fake email addresses and pose as game journalists or popular YouTubers in order to obtain keys. If games are sent directly through Steam, this should theoretically no longer be an issue. On top of that, it will cut down on the number of review codes being taken and sold on grey market sites.

Aside from changes to how developers can interact with curators, Valve is implementing some new changes that will make curator pages more useful in general. Going forward, Steam curator recommendations will be presented as you browse certain game genres, so if you are looking to buy an RTS game, you will see recommendations for other games in that genre.

Finally, curators will also be able to embed their own videos into recommendations. This means video reviews can be found directly on the recommendation, so users no longer need to rely on the few sentences included in the recommendation itself.

A closed beta for these new systems will begin rolling out today and once Valve has had a chance to monitor feedback, it will begin opening to all curators on Steam.

KitGuru Says: These changes all seem like a step in the right direction to me. What do you guys think of the Steam Curator system? Are there any other changes you think Valve should implement?

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