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Brigitte Lindholm takes on the role of tank and healer as Overwatch’s next hero

As expected, Brigitte Lindholm will indeed be Overwatch’s next hero, as Blizzard closes out a week of teasing with an official announcement. The daughter of Torbjorn will act as a support hero, combining the core elements of a hero and a tank, forming something similar to World of Warcraft’s Paladin.

Comprising her healing abilities, Brigitte can heal allies by dropping a Repair Pack. Any healing done beyond the maximum health of a friendly will add to their armour instead. Another of her abilities, Inspire, allows her to heal nearby allies when she hits enemies with her flail.

Rocket Flail is an extension of her flail melee weapon that enables Brigitte to hit multiple enemies with just one swing, while Whip Shot allows her to throw the flail to knock enemies back while dealing damage.

Of course, Brigitte also acts like a tank attempting to be the shield for her team. Her Barrier Shield deploys an energy barrier to absorb a limited amount damage dealt to her front, with Shield Bash adding to this ability by granting her the chance to stun an enemy by dashing forward. Her ultimate ability, Rally, is the biggest extension of her tank abilities, giving all nearby allies faster movement and armour until it’s removed by damage.

Despite her initial misgivings of Reinhardt joining the Overwatch team once again, Brigitte’s reasoning for joining the team herself is to try and “fight at their side” to “try to keep the blows from falling and maybe even protect them from themselves.”

Brigitte Lindholm is now available on the Public Test Region (PTR) now for players of the Windows PC version.

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KitGuru Says: While some fans seem disappointed that this isn’t Jetpack Cat or even Junker Queen, many are appreciative of another strong female. As usual, the fan art community has already jumped on board with some lovely interpretations. Are you looking forward to playing as Brigitte? What do you make of her abilities?

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