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GOG kicks off its May 4th Star Wars sale by re-releasing Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer

May 4th is here and with it a plethora of unofficial Star Wars celebrations, including GOG’s huge classic Star Wars video game sale. To kick off the festivities, the platform has resurrected Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer, a 1999 title that originally released for PC and Nintendo 64 before falling out of circulation quite some time ago.

Despite the harsh criticism that the prequel trilogy gets, with its first iteration in particular taking the brunt of the flack, its podracing elements were hailed as one of the highlighting factors. This translated well to the racing game, pitting players in a high speed environment with a choice between 21 different racers and a variety of 21 tracks across 8 worlds.

GOG has brought the title back to life, complete with cloud save support, controller support and, of course, completely DRM-free. Early buyers will get a launch discount of £6.09/$8.49 from its original £7.09/$9.99 pricing.

The remaining titles total just over $100 combined, with the sale running across the weekend through until Tuesday. Particular highlights include Star Wars: Battlefront II Classic, in which GOG revived its multiplayer servers last year, Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR), which has amassed a cult following and for good reason, and Shadows of the Empire, which gives players a much-needed RTS take on the beloved franchise.

  • Star Wars: Battlefront II Classic – £2.39/$3.39
  • Star Wars Empire At War: Gold Pack – £4.89/$6.79
  • Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga – £5.99/$7.99
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy – 2.39/$$3.39
  • Star Wars: Republic Commando – 2.39/$$3.39
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition – £5.09/$6.79
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II – £5.09/$6.79
  • Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga – £1.49/$2.03
  • Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars – £5.99/$7.99
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast – 2.39/$$3.39
  • Star Wars Rebellion – £1.49/$2.03
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic – £2.39/$3.39
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords – £2.39/$3.39
  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D – £2.89/$3.99
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II – £1.49/$2.03
  • Star Wars: Dark Forces – £1.49/$2.03
  • Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire – £1.49/$2.03
  • Star Wars: TIE Fighter Special Edition – £2.89/$$3.99
  • Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance – £2.89/$$3.99
  • Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter – £2.89/$$3.99
  • Star Wars: Rebel Assault 1 + 2 – £2.89/$$3.99
  • Star Wars: X-Wing Special Edition – £2.89/$$3.99
  • Star Wars Starfighter – £1.69/$2.39

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KitGuru Says: It still makes me laugh that the unofficial Star Wars holiday was born out of the awful pun of ‘May the 4th be with you’, but I guess it’s to be expected that publishers will seize any opportunity to market the lucrative franchise. Which is your favourite title of the classic selection? Are you happy to see Episode 1 Racer come back to life?

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