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Radeon GPU users will now also be able to stream Netflix in Ultra HD

In 2017, 4K Netflix streaming finally started making its way to PCs, in large part due to the launch of Intel's Kaby Lake processors and its support for HEVC decoding. Over time, the number of systems capable of streaming Netflix in Ultra-HD has grown, with Radeon's latest GPU drivers adding support.

Last year, there were two ways to stream Ultra-HD Netflix on PC. You either needed a Kaby Lake processor or newer, or have an Nvidia GTX 10-series graphics card. Your 4K display also needed to be HDCP 2.2 compliant. Now, another variable has been added to the list- AMD's latest 18.4.1 Radeon drivers add support for Microsoft's ‘PlayReady 3.0' DRM, making UHD playback possible on Radeon-equipped PCs.

For UHD playback, you will need to have Nvidia Driver version 387.96 or newer. On the AMD side, you'll need driver version 18.4.1. This is necessary to pass the DRM check on the Netflix Windows 10 app. Alternatively, the Windows 10 April update also adds support for 4K Netflix streaming via the Edge browser, making it the only one capable of doing so for the time being.

Finally, a fast 25Mbps download speed is also required. 4K file sizes are massive, so a speedy connection is imperative for streaming without buffering.

KitGuru Says: 4K Netflix support for AMD hardware may have lagged behind, but as always, its better late than never. Now more 4K monitor owners will be able to make proper use of it for media consumption. 

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