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KOTOR and Mass Effect lead writer takes the helm on Anthem

Initially returning to Bioware in 2015 to work on Star Wars: The Old Republic, Drew Karpyshyn hinted that he had begun work on a new title at the start of the year. While some held hopes for a new Knights of the Old Republic game, Karpyshyn has confirmed he has been  working on Bioware’s brand new IP- Anthem.

Little is known about Anthem, with the only information coming from the E3 reveal and understandably Drew Karpyshyn is remaining tight-lipped about the project beyond confirming his involvement.

With Anthem taking the shared-world approach, it will be interesting to see if Bioware can maintain its reputation of crafting deep and meaningful worlds. Karpyshyn seems like a perfect fit to make that happen with his experience working on titles like Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire and his role as lead writer for Mass Effect 1 & 2.

KitGuru Says: If Karpyshyn can inject the same level of storytelling of his previous games into a shared-world shooter, it would quickly become my favourite of the genre as this is often the weakest element. Are you excited to see what Anthem has to offer?

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