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Mass Effect’s lead writer returns to Bioware

The lead writer for Mass Effect has returned to Bioware after a three-year absence. Drew Karpyshyn joined the studio back in 2010 to work on Mass Effect 2, he was also previously involved in titles like Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire.

The writer initially left Bioware three years ago to work on his own personal projects, including his novel series ‘Chaos Born'. Now that Karpyshyn is back at Bioware, he will begin working on new content for Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Writing on his own personal blog, Karpyshyn spoke a little about returning to Bioware: “Working at BioWare was a challenging but very rewarding job, and it's good to be back as part of the team. I suspect a lot of folks are going to wonder if this means BioWare is about to announce a new project tied to my return. The short answer: no. I originally came to the Austin studio many years ago to work on SWTOR and – at least for now – that's what I'm focusing on again.”

Right now, Bioware is working on a new Mass Effect game to kickstart a new trilogy. We've seen bits of it here and there but the big reveals are expected to drop in 2016. Maybe once the first game is out-of-the-way, Karpyshyn will return to the series.

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KitGuru Says: The SWTOR team is currently working on a huge story expansion, which will play out like more of a solo player experience for the most part. Maybe we will see some KOTOR influence creep in to the new story content. 

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