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Metal Gear Survive gets release date and pricing information

Metal Gear Survive was announced last year as the first title in the series after Hideo Kojima was very publicly released from Konami. Since then, the publisher has revealed that the title is set to receive a staggered launch depending on region, but will in fact be coming to PC as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Those in North America should mark the 20th February 2018 off on their calendar, while those interested in Europe will have to wait a little longer as Metal Gear Survive is pegged to launch two days later, on the 22nd February. Pricing is to be confirmed for different regions but it won't come with a full priced, $60 price tag. The UK currently has a confirmed price of £34.99 for all versions.

So far, these dates only apply to the console version of the game, but the title is set to launch on Steam at some point down the line. Given that ease of developing for multiple platforms was the primary function of the Fox Engine, to which Metal Gear Survive runs on just as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain before it, it would be an incredibly silly move from Konami not to utilise its full potential.

The game is currently available to preorder, with the ‘Survival Pack’ as a special bonus for doing so. The Survival Pack includes 4 gold plated weapons, 2 additional gestures, 4 metallic survival scarves because, you know, it’s cold out there, “Kabuki” face paint, “Boxman (The Orange) accessory and a Mother Base nameplate similar to that earned in games like Call of Duty.

The premise of Metal Gear Survive has been met with mixed to negative reception, with many feeling like the direction of a zombie-apocalyptic survival game set in an alternate reality is a far stretch from Metal Gear canon. Of course, the game is likely to miss Kojima’s dash of ingenuity, but as far as lore is concerned, multiple realities isn’t that far out there.

Most of the series dabbles with alternate realities in non-canon ways, such as games like Metal Gear Acid, a collectable card game that integrates turn based combat over the signature Tactical Espionage Action. Another example is Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance’s Snake Tales, which are also not canon, but explicitly delve into the premise of other timelines.

KitGuru Says: While I am not totally invested in the idea of Metal Gear Survive, detaching myself from the expectations of a core Metal Gear title has me interested to see what they can produce on the Fox Engine. The gameplay of The Phantom Pain was fantastic, even if it was a far cry from the series peak, so more of that perhaps wouldn’t be the worst thing. Are you interested in Metal Gear Survive?

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