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Microsoft is aware of Skype connectivity issues and has a fix in the works

It seems Skype has been stumbling a little lately, with reports that the messaging app has been giving users repeated connection issues. Microsoft is on the ball, though, having reassured users that a fix is in the works and will be arriving soon.

Some users seem to have experienced these connectivity issues across a number of days, detailing the inability to send messages across any version of the service, including its desktop, iPhone and Android applications. Strangely, however, calls seem to work just fine for some where the messaging is failing.

Troubleshooting has consisted of reinstalling the application, restoring old backups and updating to the latest patch once again but to no avail. Microsoft does have a solution for many, however, prompting users to simply log out and back in again. Unfortunately, the issue still persists for some who will have to wait until the company releases its next update.


“Limited service of Instant messaging affecting Skype for Windows desktop,” explains Microsoft in a post to WindowsReport. “Some users might be experiencing problems with instant messages (chat). There might be delays with sending or syncing messages. We believe to have fixed the causes for the incident and are verifying the fix.”

Providing that the testing period for the fix goes well, the update should go live before the end of the day, however the company has yet to establish an official time of release. The fix is believed to target the desktop version only, with no mention of a fix for the mobile applications at this moment in time.

KitGuru Says: Skype has been causing issues here in the UK, causing havoc for me when sending messages to my Editor. While this has prompted me to comically play ‘find the message’ once I get a notification, as sometimes it’ll be an older message finally making its way through, more often than not it’s a nuisance that slows the work process down. Have you been experiencing issues with Skype lately?

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