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Miscreated’s version 1.0 is still a beta, according to the developers

Survival horror DayZ gained momentum last month after a lengthy, troubled development, finally hitting full release on December 13th. Miscreated isn’t far behind the game that undoubtedly inspired it, however it seems to break convention by classing its version 1.0 as a beta instead of a full release.

“Version 1.0 is a major milestone for Miscreated because it means that Miscreated is leaving early access (alpha) and is now considered a beta release of the game,” reads the announcement. “1.0 indicates that the majority of all planned features for the game have now been implemented.”

Despite the odd naming of the update, the patch isn’t short of new features. The map is now 100% complete, including two new underground bunkers. Over 100 new weapon skins have been added across the existing and the new 20 weapons added into the game, as well as base building and farming materials to help shelter from the new acid rain and blizzard weather effects.

One thing that Miscreated does well in comparison to competition is its random encounters, be it with varied zombies or aggressive wildlife. This adds an extra layer of tension in between player versus player battles.

Developer Entrada Interactive has also introduced a significant overhaul to the way in which consumable items work. Older items found on the surface will now show a more aged state, and can cause sickness and irradiation when used, while items protected in bunkers remain in a more pristine state. Purification tablets can now be used to ensure consumables are harmless, while players with a base of operations can build themselves a water purifier for long-term safety.

100s of bug fixes and audio improvements help for a significantly smoother experience, even though the developer insists on using the “beta” label. Entrada Interactive won’t stop after its impending full release, either, promising to “evolve” the game beyond optimisation and polishing.

KitGuru Says: It’s easy to gloss over Miscreated as another DayZ clone, but it is one of the few that has managed to add new layers and survive past its initial alpha period. Perhaps it’s worth a go after all. Have you been playing Miscreated?  

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