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Nintendo shows it is listening to fans with new Metroid Prime and Pokemon RPG

It seems that Nintendo is keen to show fans that it is listening, with two surprise announcements coming from its E3 announcement stream. Not only did Nintendo's stream reveal the fact that a core Pokemon RPG is in fact being made for the Switch but in what felt like a dream come true moment, we also got a new Metroid game.

Nintendo has begun developing Metroid Prime 4, the first entry in the Metroid Prime series since 2007. Details were thin, essentially the only thing we got was a logo but it is clear that Nintendo wanted to use this opportunity to show it is listening, despite having no gameplay to show.

The Metroid Prime Trilogy is held in such high regard that fans were ultimately disappointed in the last entry. Metroid Prime: Federation Force released in 2016 on 3DS as a scaled back spin-off of Metroid Prime Hunters that most fans would rather forget. With Metroid Prime 4 being a numbered entry, we can speculate that Nintendo plans a return to form, rectifying the criticisms on 2010’s Metroid: Other M deviating from Metroid lore in favour of the critically acclaimed Prime Trilogy developed by Retro Studios. It is currently unknown if Retro Studios will return to the series, but they have been working on an unannounced project since 2014.

While details are light on the upcoming Pokemon RPG, we know that Game Freak itself is developing the game as a core entry on the Switch. Although Pokemon has appeared numerous times on home consoles in the form of spin-offs, this will mark the first time for a core entry to the series. The relationship of the RPG to the upcoming Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is currently unknown but we expect that the RPG will have some functionality with the current handheld versions when it releases.

KitGuru Says: I’m having a hard time keeping level headed as on one hand prayers have been answered but on the other, we don’t know enough to get excited. Still, it’s nice to see Nintendo reacting to fan feedback. What would you like to see in the new Metroid or Pokemon title?

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