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Overwatch’s 1.13 patch suggests Doomfist is coming soon

Ever since Doomfist was teased in Overwatch’s reveal cinematic, fans have been eager to see the character finally show up in the game. While we know Doomfist will eventually enter the roster, a Public Test Region crashlog reveals that it might be happening a lot sooner than expected.

The Public Test Region is an entirely separate server to the live game that runs the latest of patches before they head over. Currently testing the upcoming 1.13 patch, a crashlog makes reference to both Doomfist and “Summer Games”.

The latter will likely be a continuation of Overwatch seasonal events, repeating last year’s Summer Games that began on the 2nd of August. The mention of Doomfist, however, is what grabs the attention of fans. Doomfist is featured heavily in Overwatch lore as a mantle passed between characters, both villainous and heroic. Appearing in both the reveal cinematic as well as referenced in both the Numbani map and Orisa’s backstory, fans are certainly hyped for an official reveal.

After a flood of posts about the crashlog on the Battle.net forums, Reddit and screenshots cropping up online, Blizzard has removed the reference altogether. Doomfist was also said to be the second quarter hero release in a 4Chan leak from someone claiming to be a QA member from Blizzard Austin. This leak also reports two names of speculated future heroes, with Bria said to release in the third quarter as an area control hero and Ivon coming in the fourth quarter as a defence hero. The credibility of this leak is called into question as any new character is still yet to appear on the test servers, but if Doomfist is next in line then Blizzard are going to want to do justice to the reveal.

One thing Blizzard loves to do is expand its lore, planting seeds for future characters by dropping names early on. With a character named Hammond appearing in the Horizon Lunar Colony map’s data logs, it’s possible that the 25th character could be him, any of the leaked names or a character we’ve yet to hear about at all.

There’s still many questions about Doomfist. When will he finally be playable? Will the next one be a villain or hero? Will Terry Crews get to voice him? Even with all fingers pointing to Doomfist, only time will tell who character number 25 will be.

KitGuru Says: What do you expect from Doomfist? Would you be happy if Crews got to voice the character after months of teasing?

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