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PUBG Corp introduces changes to Savage map ahead of second beta test

After the first round of testing, PUBG’s smaller Codename: Savage map has undergone some changes, introducing three new areas, adjusting the red zone and adding a new feature to the blue zone that allows it to adjust its speed via number of players alive. Codename: Savage has returned for more testing, as round two has already kicked off, ending on April 19th in the UK.

Codename: Savage is still PUBG’s smallest map at just 4km by 4km, however the three new areas make it significantly denser. Banyan Grove and Abandoned Quarry have been placed in the centre of the island, while Dock has been added to the southeast section, complete with ships and a large crane.

Considering the new map is built for faster games, one of the most interesting additions is the tweaks to the Bluezone, which will now “calculate and adjust its waiting time based on the number of players left alive.” Presumably this means it will speed up if there are less players by a certain amount of time into the match, keeping survivors on their toes.

The Redzone is also getting a slight makeover, with its radius being trimmed down and lasting for less time. The spawning of grenades has been increased while boats have decreased, but improved in consistency of spawn. The remaining patch notes are general fixes, which include the real-time changing of weather during the match and footstep sound effects that have been smoothed over.

Those that were a part of the first round of testing will already have a beta key to take part in the Closed Experimental Server, and sign-ups for further keys will end in just over 2 hours from publishing, at 5 AM PT / 8 AM ET / 1 PM BST.

Codename: Savage is still quite a way away from release, according to PUBG Corp, which will continue its smaller, condensed rounds of testing until it’s polished enough to reach the live server.

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KitGuru Says: As usual, it’s good to see PUBG Corp regularly testing new additions before plonking it into the live server. It seems feedback for Codename: Savage has been warmer than that of Miramar, which ended up being avoided on numerous occasions by a selection of players. Have you tested Savage? What do you think of the map?

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