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PUBG showcases progress on vaulting mechanic

Back at E3 this June, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds showcased upcoming player abilities including vaulting, climbing and even flipping animations. Although the mechanic is still some time from completion, Developer Bluehole has offered an update on its progress.

The video comes courtesy of one of Bluehole’s programmers as they test the mechanic over various sized obstacles, like a military cadet going through harsh training.

The reason this is such a game changer is the versatility it offers players in accessing places they once couldn’t and to quicker traverse the constantly decreasing open-world area. Currently, players struggle to manoeuvre around moderately sized fences and walls, being forced to take the long way around and therefore slowing the journey down. In a battle-royal game where time is of the essence, this could mean life or death.

The new mechanic is determined by the velocity at which the players tackle the obstacle, meaning the faster you sprint at it, the quicker the vault should be. There is also the option to cancel the vaulting animation part way through, enabling the player to reset back to their original position. This could give the advantage of peeking over walls without too much exposure, which would be especially valuable in the new first-person only servers.

Environment plays a role in this new mechanic, allowing players to use strategy in placing objects for an extra boost when climbing. So you’re best watching out for sneaky snipers when this gets implemented as the whole dynamic of the game is likely to see a shift. That being said, climbing doesn’t always provide the advantage as the higher you go, the harder it would be to get back down.

KitGuru Says: Battlegrounds has a habit of fulfilling promises at this point, so I have no doubt this will be implemented quite soon. Are you looking forward to the vaulting mechanic? What would you like to see in PUBG?

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