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PUBG’s latest limited-time event was taken offline due to server issues

Last week, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds introduced a new time-limited game mode called Desert Knights, a 50-player deathmatch comprised of ten five-person teams in the wastelands of Miramar. Unfortunately, players had less than 24 hours to jump into the event before it was pulled from the servers thanks to stability issues.

Developer PUBG Corp. entered emergency maintenance on Friday afternoon due to regular server instability causing numerous issues for players across the board including consecutive disconnects. It turns out that this was the result of its newly launched Desert Knights mode, which has been pulled to conduct further testing, preventing this from happening again in the future.

Desert Knights was the successor to PUBG’s first limited-time deathmatch mode, War, which debuted last month in a much smoother launch. War was popular among the community, pitting three ten-person teams against one another in the original map, Erangel.

The new game mode was meant to last throughout the weekend before being taken offline entirely, with many speculating that PUBG Corp. and publisher Bluehole will bring the game mode back for those that missed it.

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KitGuru Says: Hopefully this remains a one-off and doesn’t become a bad habit for PUBG Corp. and Bluehole, as all other limited-time events have come and gone with almost no hitches. Did you manage to catch Desert Knights while it was live? How was your experience?

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