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Rainbow Six Siege celebrates 25 million players with trailer for new map

Ubisoft has been steadily improving Rainbow Six: Siege since it launched to underwhelming response back in 2015, hitting 20 million players back in August. Siege has gained another 5 million players throughout the course of Operation Blood Orchid, releasing a trailer for its Season 4 map in celebration.

The rapid increase in Siege’s player base comes from Ubisoft’s treatment of the title as a ‘games-as-a-service,’ meaning continuous updates to keep interest booming and gameplay fresh. The primary reason for Ubi’s success stems from regular, free updates that include content, as well as the accessibility of the content for those that don’t wish to pay above the standard price for the title.

While Operators have a week period of exclusivity for season pass holders before the general public can unlock them for a sizeable cost of in-game currency, Ubi has learned from the past mistakes of other shooters. Maps are released for free, available to everyone without a prerequisite, helping to keep the player base intact.

The next map for Siege’s 25 million players to enjoy is the Mok Myeok Tower. Sitting above the city of Seoul in South Korea, Mok Myeok looks to be set primarily indoors, giving the impression that some attacking player spawns might be inside instead of the traditional always-outside. The contemporary design of the map makes it difficult to tell how breachable it will be for horizontal and, particularly, vertical play given the numerous levels in the tower showcased in the trailer.

There seems to be a few things littered around to distract players, as it places focus on broken digital billboards. That being said, I doubt anything is more distracting than the fortune teller machines that spring to life on this season’s Theme Park, potentially making the player jump out of their skin. Not at all based on a real example.

Currently, rumours speculate that the remaining GROM operator, which we already know is an attacker, will be a Polish woman with a grenade launcher that utilises both lethal and non-lethal options. The full reveal of Operation White Noise will come during the Pro League Finals on November 19th.

KitGuru Says: Siege reaching 25 million is certainly a testament to the direction that the title has taken recently. Here’s hoping for an even stronger Year 3. Have you been enjoying Siege lately? What do you want to see in Operation White Noise?

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