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Rainbow Six Siege players get a tour of the newly reworked Hereford Base map

Following Ubisoft’s initial reveal for Operation Grim Sky, Rainbow Six Siege players have been treated to a trailer touring the brand new Hereford Base map rework. Players are warped back in time, as the developers have replaced the bland modern setting with a nostalgic World War II theme for the iconic training ground.

Hereford Base has always been a map with questionable competitive viability, seeing virtually no exposure in the ESL rotation. Ubisoft decided to remove the map from Ranked play in September 2017, an action that received a lot of backlash until it was revealed during the Invitational 2018 that it would be the first map to receive a comprehensive from-the-ground-up overhaul.

Dubbed as a “rework” this is much more than the map buff that Club House received at the start of Operation Para Bellum. The new Hereford Base is intended to be “one of the most competitive environments” in Rainbow Six Siege, comparable to that of newer maps developed by a new team that was introduced at the end of Year 1.

Previously a cramped building with just one set of stairs acting as a rotation for the top two floors, not counting the outside set that is a considerable risk for defenders to utilise, it looks as though Ubisoft has expanded the map with added buildings on its surrounding. It’s not confirmed to what extent these places will be accessible just yet, but it looks like this will be a lot more roamer friendly than the narrow corridors we were previously used to.

Ubisoft will introduce the new Hereford Base formally during an August 19th presentation on Twitch, hitting the Technical Test Servers (TTS) before joining rotation as a part of Year 3, Season 3: Operations Grim Sky.

KitGuru Says: As a long-term player, I think that Siege has improved the competitive quality of its maps tenfold in comparison to those that were available on release. Border still remains my favourite for its simplistic box-shaped building but I can’t help but be excited for the new Hereford Base. What do you think of the trailer?

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