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Rockstar is investigating recent mass wrongful suspensions in GTA Online

An issue has cropped up within the Grand Theft Auto Online community on PC over the weekend, as many have been reporting false positives on the game’s anti-cheat system. The resulting bans are apparently tied to the title’s Southern San Andreas Super Sports Series update, with developer Rockstar acknowledging that it is aware and investigating the issue.

Players flocked in droves to the subreddit to ridicule GTA Online’s recent wrongful ban wave, claiming that none of them had done anything wrong. Some users are claiming that their whole lobbies full of friends have been caught in the crossfire, identified as modders and automatically suspended as a result.

Unfortunately, reaching out to Rockstar about the issue has proven painful for many affected, with the developer’s zero-tolerance policy on its bans resulting in tickets mentioning the action being closed immediately without warrant for further investigation. Luckily, publishers picking the story up over the weekend has caused Rockstar to change course, acknowledging the problem and stating that it is actively investigating the issue as more players come forward.

Due to the developer’s tardiness on giving the issue attention, GTAV has received a sudden spike in its negative review on Steam, many of which describe their stories of being unfairly banned. Even Rockstar’s support threads are filled with those from 30 minutes to 3,000 hours, all of which received the account suspension around a similar time frame.

Rockstar has yet to officially release as statement on the issue and for now, it seems that some people’s accounts are still banned. For those desperate to play in the meantime, YouTuber MrBossFTW recommends indulging in invite-only servers, as this should negate worries of being banned.

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KitGuru Says: With the sheer popularity of GTAV, there’s no way that Rockstar wouldn’t have caught onto this at some point. It’ll just be a matter of time when it comes to the reversal of bans, possibly paired with in-game currency as compensation but this is unconfirmed at this time. Are you one of the many suffering with a ban?

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