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Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 gets limited release for testers

Star Citizen’s sizeable 3.0 update has been elusive to fans, experiencing delay after delay. In a bid to ease the minds of fans, developer Cloud Imperium Games released a video detailing the update’s progress alongside setting a much looser October launch window. While players will continue to have to wait for 3.0 to land for them, Evocati Test Flight volunteer members can now experience what it has to offer on the Public Test Universe (PTU).

Star Citizen’s subreddit was hit with excitement when user Fandred1 updated the “First reports of Evocati being out” with screenshots that introduce the anticipated 3.0 update. The message for Evocati testers reads:

Greetings Avocados,

This is the news you've been waiting for…

We're absolutely thrilled to announce that an early version of 3.0 is now available for the Evocati Test Flight on PTU!

Also, in addition to all of the new features and updates that 3.0.0 brings, we're also testing the launcher and patching system. No more daily 20GB+ patches!

Publishing a first build to Evocati is always huge milestone in the development process of Star Citizen, and this is a particularly giant step towards getting 3.0 in the hands of all backers. As this update is so massive, we'll start with modest testing goals today to allow everyone time to get familiar with changes, and then we'll look to ramp up quickly in the coming days.

In case you’ve forgotten, Star Citizen’s 3.0 update is set to bring “ground-breaking” mechanics such as planetary surfaces in which players can seamlessly land. This is not the only feature, but certainly the most notable flagship. Other features can be found in the extensive patch notes.

While it won’t be arriving in the 3.0 update, Cloud Imperium does have interesting technology planned for the game, showcasing its brand-new FOIP technology back in August.

Cloud Imperium Games is, of course, reluctant to place a hard release date but hopes that the update will arrive in good time for players to experience. Don't expect any videos until this initial testing period is over as the Evocati Test Flight volunteer's are unfortunately under an NDA, but footage of the update will follow once this period expires.

KitGuru Says: While I can admire just how much patience Star Citizen players can show, it's good to finally have an end in sight for 3.0's release. Are you excited for the upcoming update?

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