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Star Wars Battlefront II temporarily ditches all microtransactions

It’s safe to say that EA and DICE have had a rough time with Star Wars Battlefront II after it was revealed that the title was ridden with pay-to-win loot crates. While its AMA did little to quell these concerns, DICE has gone one step further, temporarily removing all microtransactions in the game.

As early as the beta, players were able to spend real-world money on premium currency known as Crystals. Unfortunately, given that the progression in Star Wars Battlefront II is housed behind its Star Card system hidden in loot boxes, this unbalanced the game, allowing those with a little more money to shed out for a quick head start.

This system has been tweaked since launch, removing the highest-tier Star Cards from the loot boxes entirely, with the company promising in its Reddit AMA that more adjustments were inbound.

In a shocking turn of events, EA and DICE have since removed the microtransactions entirely, allowing loot crates to only be purchased with currency earned in-game, known as Credits. Of course, Crystals will become available again “at a later date,” but for the time being, the team is focusing on “listening, adjusting, balancing and tuning,” so as to not cause confusion or rip off those that do pay into the system.

It’s good to know that the companies “hear you loud and clear,” but it begs the question whether there is an option to fix this mess and still bring them back. More so, for some people it’s too little, too late, particularly considering fans and news outlets across the board have vilified the practice. More to the point, it is a little suspicious that this spontaneous decision comes in the wake of Star Wars Battlefront II becoming the subject of investigation, as countries study into loot crates and their relation to gambling.

KitGuru Says: Personally, moves like this do make me want to purchase an otherwise fantastic looking title, but I am still struggling with the promise of bringing such an awful system back. Has this changed your mind on buying Battlefront II?  

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