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Starfire joins the Injustice 2 roster

Since its May release, Injustice 2 has enjoyed monthly releases of new DLC characters, with Red Hood coming in June and Mortal Kombat’s Sub Zero in July. August’s new entry to the roster is Teen Titan’s very own Starfire.

Starfire is perhaps best known outside of the comics by her appearance in the Teen Titans cartoon and more recently, Teen Titans GO! The scantily clad heroine hails from the planet Tamaran, wielding the power of flight and ultraviolet energy projection in which she can use to fire beams from her hands and eyes.

The full reveal came during Injustice 2’s Watchtower livestream event in which developer NetherRealm showed Starfire off before tomorrow’s release. Starfire is a beginner character with a smaller range of moves that are more straightforward to execute. Initially, she sounds a lot like Green Lantern. She floats above the ground with a basic jab and spin move set, with other attacks focusing on her green ultraviolet energy that she uses to create weapons and fire projectiles.

The above video shows off her skill sets as well as some of the shaders available, one of which transforms her into her evil sister, Blackfire.

Starfire is available to purchase as a standalone character, as well as being inclusive for owners of the Deluxe Edition, Ultimate Edition or Fighter Pack 1. 9 of the 28 characters in Injustice are expected as DLC, with 3 being included in Fighter Pack 1.

More information on the next 3 characters for Fighter Pack 2 should be available in the coming weeks, with the next character expected to land in September. Ed Boon specifically said during a SDCC livestream that “Of all the characters we're going to reveal, we'll have the biggest ‘wow' for the last one we're going to show.”

KitGuru Says: Starfire is sure to please a lot of DC fans out there, so long as they don’t roll with the New 52 version… Are you looking forward to playing as Starfire? Who do you think is the “biggest wow” that Boon is referring to? Could the fabled Spawn be coming to Injustice 2?

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