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Telltale withdraws The Walking Dead: The Final Season from digital storefronts

Despite its sudden closure, the remainder of Telltale pushed out the second episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season at the start of the week and provided hope towards finishing the series with undisclosed partners. While logistics are discussed behind the scenes, the studio has now unsurprisingly removed the game from digital stores.

Yesterday, Telltale withdrew the unfinished final season of it’s The Walking Dead series from the majority of digital storefronts, including Steam, GOG, Microsoft’s Xbox Store, and the PlayStation Store in the US. Strangely the UK version of Sony’s PlayStation Store and Nintendo’s eShop still list the title as available, although this is expected to change in the near future.

“We have removed season passes for The Walking Dead: The Final Season from stores for the time being,” Telltale explained in a statement to Polygon. “We are currently still working to find a way to hand off production of episodes 3 and 4 so that the season can be completed. The outcome of those efforts will determine when and how The Final Season returns to stores.”

Telltale has remained open to the possibility of concluding its series, however it has remained distinctly vague on how this might be achieved. Its skeleton crew of 25 remaining a part of the studio have dedicated themselves to finishing Minecraft: Story Mode to fulfil half of its deal with Netflix, and potential partners remain undisclosed.

Even if a partner was to be found, the logistics behind such a deal seem like a potential headache after unceremoniously firing 90 percent of its workforce without severance pay, allegedly breaking labour laws that have resulted in a class-action lawsuit. This is led by former employee Vernie Roberts, who highlights the state’s WARN act, stating that the 60-day notice requirement was not met before conducting mass layoffs.

KitGuru Says: Even if the lawsuit does complicate the possibility of seeing Clementine’s finale come to life, real lives are much more important. Hopefully former Telltale staff manage to find their feet.

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