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World of Warcraft Classic demo on the way this year

Back in April 2016, Blizzard shut down Nostalrius, one of the most popular vanilla WoW private servers around. This kicked off a lengthy discussion for Blizzard, with the studio ultimately announcing plans to launch WoW Classic. That announcement came in late 2017 and things have been quiet ever since- until today. Today Blizzard announced plans for a WoW Classic Demo, which will be tied in with Blizzcon this year.

Anyone who picks up a virtual ticket to Blizzcon this year will get access to the WoW Classic Demo, which will also be playable at the event itself for those attending in person. Players will be able to jump back in to vanilla World of Warcraft in an official capacity.

The demo will come with access to a limited amount of quests in the early-level zones for both the Horde and Alliance. The demo will go live on the 2nd of November and will be playable until the 8th.

While WoW Classic will be the big draw for many looking to pick up a Blizzcon virtual ticket this year, there will also be a few other goodies thrown in. You'll get access to in-game items for most of Blizzard's games, including Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo III and StarCraft II.

KitGuru Says: Given how much excitement there was surrounding the WoW Classic announcement, I imagine a lot of people will be after a Blizzcon virtual ticket this year. There is still no word on a launch date for the full classic experience but hopefully we'll hear a bit more when Blizzcon gets underway in November. 

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